Wellness Wednesday__So Good That They Can't Ignore You!

Hello and Happy Wednesday!  I hope my fellow Shanghai peeps are staying dry, in the midst of these intense Huang Mei Tian, or "Plum Rains"!

A plum colored umbrella to ward off the Plum Rains!

Today's Wellness Wednesday's post is dedicated to occupational and social health.

How many of us are "eating soup with a fork"?

How many of us are trying so hard, day after day, to make an impact in our professions?  Even have gone to the extent to move across the world to pursue career growth and opportunities, only to be faced with dead ends?

Is it possible to move our focus away from finding our "passion" (ugh--one of the most clichéd expressions around), and focus on letting our passion follow us?

How do we work smarter, not necessarily harder, to achieve career success, but also a lifetime of fulfillment?

On my home turf in New York, it was A LOT easier to be socially confident.  As an expat, it's a precarious balance between being outgoing, humorous, warm and friendly. Sometimes things get misconstrued, other times even offensive.  Language barriers, overcoming biases, even the method of greeting (one kiss or two? or none?)  gets in the way of social confidence.

I tested my social strength at the Shanghai Bloggers Event last week, and I can say with 100% certainty that the way to stop eating soup with a fork is to COLLABORATE, COMMUNICATE, CREATE and CRITICALLY THINK!

But WOW!  I was so humbled by the many talented and creative bloggers who are collectively creating outstanding content to improve the expat experience here in Shanghai.  I met so many cool and interesting people that are eating soup with a spoon--working in smart ways to make a BIG impact.

I was especially inspired, because these "4Cs" are tools I try to teach and reinforce with my students, but as an adult, sometimes I don't have the opportunity to practice these skills myself.

Thank you to the team of Shanghai Bloggers for organizing such an amazing event, and to the sponsors and partners for your generous support of the event!  I can't wait to try some new restaurants and services here!

If you don't already have the app, what are you waiting for???  Download it via iTunes!

Where else in life are you "eating soup with a fork"?  Tell me more in the comments below!

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