The tragic state of my laptop

Hi Everyone, Happy Tuesday! Hope your day is going better than mine. Personally, I feel a bit blue, since I'm mourning the loss of my laptop today.

By the grace of a miracle, the damn thing finally turned on after a month of hibernation. I figured while it was on, I should call Apple and see if there's a software update that I could do, to keep the laptop alive.

The main problem is that the screen flashes slow and steady until it goes completely berserk like a strobe light and then crashes to black. After awhile, the screen turns back on. The last time my laptop worked, it crashed for good.

Here's what it looked like, before I sent it back into hibernation, at the recommendation of the Apple reps:

Notice the little "stage lights" at the bottom of the screen? Once they start flickering I know it's game over! :(

So as it turns out, my phone call to Apple was completely useless. They told me I need to bring it to a local store and pay an exorbitant fee just to diagnose the problem. 40 minutes later, I have a dead laptop again. 40 minutes of pressing this button and that button, but tragically, no signs of life.

The moral of the story?

Always back up your laptop, and don't turn the thing off if Apple phone reps tell you to!


PS If any tech-savvy people can lend a hand, I'd love the help! Thank you!



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