Equity and Equality in Society__This is not an April fool's day joke

Hi friends!  Happy Friday!

I've been pretty quiet on my blog these past few weeks because I've been busy processing an overwhelming amount of emotions, as a result of being back in the States.

It's been a weird ride.

Here are some things that are heavy on my heart:

1. Damn, we create so much waste here.  Why are stores still giving away plastic bags for free?  Why are stores still serving food and drinks in plastic and paper containers if the patron is eating in?

2. Why are we still eating processed junk, fruits and vegetables that are abnormally huge and last for an unnatural amount of time and still not federally mandating physical education and health education for all K-12 students in all 50 states?!

3. Why are we still perpetuating the idea that females need to have a boob job to feel confident in their skin?  Who approved this advertisement on the government-funded public transit system?

Who approved this magazine display in a government-funded public transit station?

Why are we okay with our governments supporting and perpetuating sexism?  Why aren't women in our society celebrated for their brains before their beauty?

Ladies, repeat after me:  "I don't need plastic surgery to be whole and complete".

4.  Along the same lines, how can we still be so conflicted in our support of women?  On the one hand, we have people and organizations spending millions of dollars to fight a woman's right to choice, and on the other hand, we refuse to provide financial support for maternity, paternity and infant care for families.

5. The existence of a variety of colorful skin tones does not equate to a diverse community.  Race is not the only determining factor of diversity.  People are shaped by their age, culture, education, family structure, gender, language, maturity and spirituality. Tolerance is not the same as acceptance. To tolerate a difference is not the same as to acknowledge, embrace and celebrate a difference.
Why are we still emphasizing labels of all kinds?  Why do we give these labels so much POWER?

6. Why are we still so afraid of immigrants?  Why aren't we embracing an open border with Mexico and Canada in the same way the European Union has formed open borders?  Wouldn't it do wonders for our economy, culture and society if people could easily work for multi-national companies, speak English, French and Spanish with ease and collaborate and create across industries and cultures?

7.  Why are we still refusing to guarantee a standard of health care and education?  How does equitable and equal access to health care and education reinforce laziness in society?  If a basic standard of living is guaranteed, more people will be adequately prepared to take risks and do things like create businesses and provide employment for people in their community.  

8.  Why are people with mental illness still falling through the cracks?  It's been an unnerving experience to deal with people shouting obscenities on the streets and on the metro on a daily basis.  I feel especially sorry for the situation when children are nearby.  Who am I to call when I see someone in distress?  Police and mental health professionals can't do anything until they are violent to themselves or to others.  I'm all for protecting their rights and I think the mental health community has come a long way since the days of forced lobotomies but I'm sure a happy medium exists, that can better protect the peace of our communities.

I'm not expressing these viewpoints for political reasons, but rather just expressing some observations I've made and things that stand out to me as a result of traveling throughout the world.  I only hope that for the good of humanity, we can retire archaic systems and embrace change that benefits society at large in an equitable and equal manner.

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