Meat Free Monday__Faster Isn't Better

Hey, everyone!  Happy Monday!  

In today's MFM post, I'm profiling a way that even a health conscious person like myself, can get fooled by a pretty picture. 

My beloved rice cooker/veggie steamer machine broke, so while I await its replacement, I've been trying out some alternatives.  While wandering in the frozen food aisle (never a good idea), I saw this ready-made meal and thought it looked appetizing from the picture.  


It was gross.

Faster isn't better, folks!  Our dinners are not meant to be nuked quickly in a microwave!

In my hurry, I didn't turn the box over to check out the nutrition facts.  

Can you believe it?!  This bad boy has 13 grams of added sugar (which is essentially 7 sugar packets) in one tiny serving!!  Even after I added almost a full cup of chopped spinach to the bowl, I couldn't taste anything but sugar. 

I've been trying really hard to avoid sugar since it destroys my skin and makes me break out like crazy.  I've even been drinking my coffee without sugar for the past 8 months or so, which I think says a lot about how my palate has changed!   

Beyond the high sugar content, the high sodium content is equally alarming! 

I think it's really shameful that this is marketed as a "healthy" food option.  I'm a bit mad that I made such a rookie mistake, but as they say, you live and you learn.


Moral of the story?

Don't trust a "healthy" company that doesn't know how to spell GARDEN!
(simultaneous jab at the awful trend for new businesses to spell their names incorrectly).

Don't waste your money on microwave meals.

Don't pollute the planet with excessive garbage (plastic tray, plastic film, plastic food).


Just another example of how you can vote for the type of world you want to live in, 
with the power of your wallet!!

Until next time..

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